As many of us are rethinking where we go and what we do, St. John Lutheran Church is reaching out to the community with an invitation for you to come and worship with us: 

  •  Come to our church.  Our church services are open to everyone who wants to come and worship, in person.  We currently observe the protocols of wearing face coverings and utilize social distancing to respect the best safety measures for everyone.
  • We have begun broadcasting our services via radio, station 89.5 FM.  You can now listen to our worship services from the comfort of your car in our parking lot.
    • One of our members will bring you a bulletin so you can follow along and also a communion cup to participate in Holy Communion.
  • We're  on Facebook Live.  You will just need to follow St. John Lutheran Church on Facebook.  There you can watch and participate in the music and service, with us live.

We recognize that there are feelings of fear and uncertainty around being close to others at this time.  And we are focused and determined to continue spreading the Gospel and providing the Word of the Lord, Jesus Christ to everyone.  

Please call us if you have any questions or concerns, 


God Bless!